I May Be Deplorable

Hillary Clinton called people like me 'deplorable', and I'm fine with that. In fact, I'm not concerned at all about anything that the former Secretary of State had to say about me because nothing that she said was ever going to convince me to vote for her. And now, in the aftermath of the election, in a deeply divided country, the losing side is busy pointing fingers at all those they consider responsible for that loss. And, of course, there are lots of those on both sides that are seeking to promote ever-deepening divisions.

Are You Too Lazy to Succeed?

ASW used to work for this guy named Joe - it's not his real name but it will do. Joe was a tremendously affable guy, always very positive when talking to his customers, quick to share a joke or spread cheer, and with 20-plus years under his belt in business, he was comfortable operating the way he did. Too comfortable.

If You're So Smart...

...why are you still using a free email account for your business? Hello, business people! It's the 21st century - domains are cheap, so much so that it's ludicrous to not have a domain for your business. Oh, you say you do have a domain for your business? And yet you're not using an email address like info@yourbizname.com. Seriously? I'm sorry, but if I find your site and want to get in touch but see an email like somebody@yahoo.com, I'm leaving your site.

Disclosing The Basics

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